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Works undertaken by elliott's

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A beautiful double door stove installed in a very large inglenook fireplace in rural 

An interesting cream coloured chili penguin stove with matching fluepipe in a stone fireplace

Plenty of room to safely stack your logs next to this chili penguin stove in a modern brick opening

A sleek and modern contura stove we installed on a plinth is well balanced within the fireplace opening


Our client loved the exposed brick at the rear of this opening, the sides were not in as good condition so we dry lined over them.  The clean plastered finish and the exposed brick contrast nicely.

This chili penguin stove with oven makes good use of a corner in this single story extension, the chimney is made from modern twin wall insulated flue pipe.

An ultra modern inset stove sits beautifully within this unique fireplace opening.

Choosing a stove that is well proportioned to the fireplace opening is important and this tall Morso with log store means no log basket is needed.

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Stone fireplace surrounds like this marble one often need to have the inner edges framed to cover brickwork within the fireplace opening, the slate 'slips' within this one match the hearth and contrast the light colour stone.

This opening is 'dry lined' with a fireproof board that does not crack unlike gypsum based plaster this means that even with a small opening there's no chance of unsightly crack appearing.

The opening this chili penguin sits in had an original Victorian arch supporting the masonry above, when we plastered we retained this original detail.

An ivory enamel ACR stove with matching flue pipe sitting on a limestone hearth.


Here we cut the inner section of a cast iron open fire out retaining the detail on the inner edge.  This was done without removing the stone surround, much quicker with less risk of damaging the fragile stone.  An ultra modern Rais stove contrasts the traditional surround beautifully.

This ACR stove sits within an elite fireplaces bath stone surround with matching hearth that was custom made for this installation.

This Contura I5 stove can be fitted as an inset stove as shown here or as a freestanding stove within a traditional opening.

The addition of a timber beam can really finish an opening, as well as providing somewhere to hang the stockings once a year.


This freestanding stove was fitted with an external air supply kit supplying kit connects to a duct bring air into the stove from outside the property to reduce drafts and eliminate the need for ventilation in certain situations.

Much of the traditional detail of this cast iron surround has been retained here and the little Salamander Hobbit sits neatly where the open fire used to be.

Great care was taken working within this ornate fireplace surround, its not always easy, but the results are worth it.

As a general rule light colours work well within the fireplace opening as most stoves and hearths are darker in colour, this gives good contrast and makes the fire stand out.

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When retrofitting a modern chimney system a traditional style chimney breast can enhance the look.

1ACR Wychwood instal.jpg
2ACR Wychwood instal.jpg
3ACR Wychwood instal.jpg
6ACR Wychwood instal.jpg

The chimney system is a modern twin wall insulated flue that passes through the ceiling and up into loft space then out through the roof

The chimney breast is constructed of metal studwork and clad in a high performance calcium silicate board that can be decorated.

The ACR stove sits on a grey sandstone hearth and log store/plinth

Once decorated the installation looks like a regular masonry chimney breast


Ahead of this installation the stone cladding is removed to reveal a masonry chimney breast that had been been retrofitted into the property.

The redundant open fire is then removed, the opening re-sized and the side returns built up in lightweight blockwork to 'square off' the chimney breast.

The opening is dry lined and the side returns beaded then a base coat of gypsum plaster is applied ahead of the final coat of skim which can then be decorated

An elite fireplaces bath stone hearth and surround will be fitted at a later date, at the same time as the stove is installed.

IMG_83351 (004) (1).jpg
IMG_8739 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

This chimney breast was built from the ground up with lightweight masonry blockwork, a 3 piece granite hearth wrapping around the base matches the base of the log store.

The overall effect of the ultra modern Rais inset stove and the proportions of the chimney breast is visually stunning, our client was thrilled with this installation.

In this project we used a a combination of lightweight blockwork to form the fireplace opening so as to effectively support the timber beam, the rest of the chimney breast was made of timber studd.

Once plastered, then decorated and with the beam installed this installation looked like it had always been there.

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